With over 18 years of experience practicing psychology in various forensic contexts, Dr. Altman offers services as an expert witness and psychological consultant in either criminal or civil matters with the goal of providing consultation and opinions grounded in empirical research as a psychological expert. Dr. Altman communicates psychological ideas simply and effectively. Dr. Altman meets the legal requirements as a forensic examiner for the state of Texas and has experience evaluating competence to stand trial, fitness to proceed, waiver to criminal court, mental state at the time of the offense, sex offender risk, and violence risk. Also, Dr. Altman performs pre-employment and fitness-for-duty evaluations for various high-risk occupations (e.g, police, personal security, and fire-fighters) and has experience performing pre-employment evaluations for employees moving overseas for work (e.g., religious or business). Dr. Altman has performed hundreds of treatment evaluations for children in CPS custody and has experience in individual counseling, group counseling, and program development.