Dr. Altman provides competent and coherent psychological assessments and consultation in criminal or civil matters. Dr. Altman has experience in various forensic contexts and offers services with the goal of providing consultation and opinions grounded in empirical research as a psychological expert.

Psychological Services Provided By Dr. Altman

  • Pre-trial and mitigation forensic evaluations involving competence to stand trial, competence to plead, competence to be sentenced, mental state at the time of crime, risk of violence, risk of sexual offending, fitness to proceed, waiver to criminal court, among other forensic evaluations.
  • Pre-employment, special unit, and fitness-for-duty evaluations for various high-risk occupations (e.g, law enforcement and fire-fighters).
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for high-risk occupations
  • Pre-employment evaluations for employees moving overseas for work (e.g., religious or business)

If your needs do not fit into the services above, Dr. Altman may be able to help. Please call 817-987-6486 for more information.